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The Perseids or How to Party Hard
Goethe - New Stages with the aid of National Theatre of Greece, produced by the Onassis Foundation for FUTURE NOW FESTIVAL


“The Perseids or How to Party Hard” is a play where a chorus of twenty  women attending a party comes face to face with a terrible turn of events. Using as a foundation the thematics of the ancient tragedy “The Persians” of  Aeschylus, this play is a collection of our own texts along with memorabilia of pop culture, misogynistic advertisements, news correspondances by the National Broadcast Television, Cindy Lauper, Lykke Li and Little Simz as we try to explore love through loss. For our dream is to prompt the viewer not to lose another minute without loving, kissing, expressing how they feel.

A ladies toilet room transforms into a dreamlike safe space while a wild party is happening in the background. A night full of drunk confessions, cursing, hugs and wild dances leads into a utopian moment where traumatised femininities search for togetherness.


A 70 year old woman fantasizing a man fucking her, licking her, riding her.

A young female sexologist explaining the anatomy and perks of the pussy. 

Alice and Daphne talking about their first time. Not as imagined. More like a blackout.

Agata who no longer wears short skirts as her legs are swollen and the dress she bought two weeks ago no longer fits her. 

That girl who broke her wrist from masturbating too much. 

Confessions of love through voice messages, girl talk, love letters, dreams, vargina talk, mourning, stages of grief compose the universe of this chorus. Everyday femininities share a piece of their heart and self in a brief glimpse of their existence before creating a unity, a solid body turning trauma around into hope. All concluding into a cooperative mourn.

Chromosome W: An Alphabet of Womankind


One letter difference in our 23rd chromosome makes us female, if only were that simple. Two X Chromosomes on stage take us on a journey through the Alphabet of Womankind. Twenty-six stops concerning what it means to be part Womankind.    

Through different media (video, visual art and music) we explore what it means to be female. Performed by two actresses on stage, using videos, songs, poems, advertisements, folk tales, interviews, to understand and explore the female position in society, sexuality and sexualization, female voice in art, science, society and culture in general. 

The performance is constructed in 26 chapters following The Alphabet of Womankind (bellow). The Alphabet is used as a short handbook which will help us take a trip to what it means to be female, as seen through the eyes of literature, church, society, business, art, science, social media. 

Throughout the performance the actors try to uncover the thread that connects the depiction of women through different areas of life and eras.

A RooZ Theatre Company production.


A contemporary dance performance inspired by Café Müller and Triptych by Peeping Tom. Using the pattern of repetition, our goal was to explore the stages of a polyamorous relationship. From its blossom to its decay. 

Creators & Performers: Michalis Koutskoudis, Zoe Sigalou, Marina Siotou

The performance was staged at Arhi Theatre, Athens in January 2020.




A narrative performance of the titular play by Federico García Lorca. Three young performers dive into the female gendered psychosynthesis;  each giving their unique perspective on love, loss and despair. To help us embody the rest of the characters we used puppetry to sift from Victor to Maria to Juan and back to Yerma again.

Creators: Zoe Sigalou & Marina Siotou

Performers: Sotiria Papantidou, Zoe Sigalou, Marina Siotou

The play adaptation was staged at Arhi Theatre, Athens in February 2019.

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