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The Beast Who Walks Like A Man
2024 - in production

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A pack of children living in the woods, prepare their youngest member to encounter the beast of the forest. Alpha, a twelve year old girl, will have to face her fears and pass into adulthood, in a whirlwind of drums, howlings and fire.

The script won the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ΕΡΤ) award at the 3rd "Creative Ideas" Pitching Lab Award at Olympia International Film Festival, got selected at Drama Film Festival Pitching Lab 2022 and is funded by the Greek Film Center.

Script/Creators: Zoe Sigalou & Marina Siotou
Director: Nikos Kolioukos

Production: Open Borders Productions

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A group of friends meet on their neighbourhood's football field. What seems to be a casual everyday game, turns rapidly in a whirlwind of dirt, shouts and sweat. Unknown to their youthful selves, the subculture of hooliganism has already started to contaminate their love for the sport and their friendship.

Official Selection at the 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival Competition against hooliganism. 

Director: Zoe Sigalou

Screenplay: Zoe Sigalou & Panagiotis Sigalos

Ode à Aphrodite


A coming of age film about dreams.

Official Selection at Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival and Madeira Shorts.

Directors: Zoe Sigalou & Marina Siotou

Screenplay: Zoe Sigalou & Marina Siotou

Corona Australis

A young girl creates a world of her own.

Best Script award at TIFF.

Directors: Zoe Sigalou & Marina Siotou

Screenplay: Zoe Sigalou & Marina Siotou

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